Fibro Friends with their own Businesses

Welcome to all who want to share their businesses

Our first business owner is Kelly please take the time to read her story and explore her business.

Hi!! I am Kelly. I have fibromyalgia. I also have two grown children. They are 37 & 34 years old, now. When I got my diagnosis, they were 15 & 12 years old. Fibro was still a “syndrome” then. after almost two years of dealing with that worsening “flu”, I began seeking medical help. I went to as many doctors as I could afford to see. All of them acted as if I should be seeing a psychiatrist instead. Delicate, hypochondriac woman seemed to be their general idea. None of them came up with anything to help me, not even with the symptoms.

After about two years of that, I lucked out. I worked as a private housekeeper at that time and one of my clients happened to be a retired physician. She still kept herself current with medical knowledge and had attended a symposium the previous week. It included information about this new “syndrome”. She asked if she could examine me, free of charge. Well, YES!! Thanks to Dr. Nan, I finally knew that I wasn’t crazy or an hysterical female!! Such a relief, but there was no prescription. NONE!! Not just no medication option, but NONE. Just go home and learn to deal with it. OK! Fortunately, I had been teaching myself about nutrition and herbalism for several years, and was even growing some medicinal herbs in our small yard. I went home that day with at least some direction to learn about how to help myself. I knew that I should start with the nervine group. I knew that I could tighten up on my nutritional choices. I choose natural fibro management, still, and have experienced great improvement in manageability as time has progressed and I have continued to use myself as a guinea pig.

In the last twenty-two years, I have tried many herbs, many forms of exercise, many mixtures of vitamins and minerals, and many “new” behavioral techniques, such as putting me first and meditation. Some of these have been helpful, some not so much. In the last couple of years, I think I have discovered a fairly good balance and am no longer experimenting. I have found the Ketogenic Diet. I have found that living simply and without extraneous clutter is less strenuous. Not as much to be responsible for! I spend far more time as part of our planet, rather than separated from it. I now work from home with a network marketing company, Paparazzi Accessories, selling jewelry online and in person. This way, I am in charge of my own schedule and my own life. I can rest as needed, working as much or as little as feels appropriate that day. I love that I am helping other women learn to do the same while fostering my own creativity and sense of style. I have grown in hurdles. Most days, I love my life. I feel happy and content, finally.
You can watch her videos on her Facebook page, Kelly’s Kickin’ Paparazzi Page if you like what you see please feel free to request membership to her shopping group on Facebook as well. Kelly’s Kickin’ Shopping Group!!