5 side effects I was feeling with clutter

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Relief is what I feel

I can feel a difference in my physical self as well as in my emotional self when I enter my closet/office now. Even though the job of organizing is not completed yet the decluttering job is done. No more miscellaneous objects from my children are on my closet floor. No more electrical cords from various devices lay on the floor for me to step on. I’m telling you it was getting crazy. All of that extra mess caused me a lot of stress and all together unhappiness throughout my day. Due to the storage for so many things being in my closet, I enter my closet several times a day.

So when you read an article about decluttering being good for you because clutter can have many negative side effects on our health, believe it. If you even get Fibro Fog just by looking at a messy counter or floor, it may be time to go ahead and put everything away. Living in clutter is something I have done for a very long time. Especially since I have had Fibromyalgia. I know the pain and exhaustion have kept me down. Because of those side effects I know I have not stood up and taken care of the mess around me. It is very hard to get the energy and non-pain days to take care of what you have to let alone what you would like to take care of.

My Fibro Tool for Decluttering

If you are ever able to have a day without a Fibro Flare please do yourself a favor and clean up the clutter. Sometimes I use a reacher grabber. Who in the world wants to use their spoons to bend down and grab things off of the ground when you don’t have to. I am telling you this tool has helped me out so many times. My kids like to leave laundry on the floor and under their bed. I am not bending down to get that stuff. Not only does it take extra everything I have but then I also have to move my fingers when they are stiff or swollen. Heck no!! The reacher grabber comes to my rescue every time.

My favorite "Fibro Tool" for cleaning

The reacher grabber as shopping internet companies call them, has been my favorite “fibro tool”, do you have a favorite fibro tool? Any ideas to help us in our daily lives should be left in the comment section so all of us can find the relief you have found with something.

I am so excited about the positive feeling I get while in my newly decluttered space that I am wanting to go throughout my house and declutter other rooms. I know my fibro won’t allow me to tackle the whole house today but decluttering one room a day, on my good days, shouldn’t be too hard on me, right?

While decluttering I also have the urge to get online and buy every container possible for every little mess. If only I had the money for all of that. See I have this problem of wanting to buy everything I need for projects all at the time that I am inspired to do the project or the project just does not get finished. I have been disorganized for years and I have always wanted to organize the mess but I never remember to get everything I need for that project because I lose my fire for wanting to complete it. I’m not alone in this problem of mine, am I?

When Fibromyalgia takes over our bodies it also can take over our minds. I know many of you do not want to give everything up to Fibro, which is why we must try every little thing out there. SOmethings that help people without medical problems can also help us. We are still human after all and just because others are not suffering from Fibromyalgia does not mean they can’t help us in one way or another.

5 side effects of clutter

A post from the HuffingtonPost says clutter can affect you in many ways and the ways it affected me were/are:

  1. Stress, yes that is a big one for me. Clutter means I can’t find things right away or that certain thing isn’t in the place it is supposed to be. Plus sitting around clutter adds to my discomfort which leads to stress because I sit there during a flare and just think of how much I want to clean that mess up.
  2. Clutter wrecks your diet, I would also have to agree with this statement. I know I eat a lot more snacks on the unhealthy side when my house is a mess because my mind is a mess and I am stressed about everything around me.
  3. Clutter threatens your safety. Yes, but in my case, it isn’t a fire hazard in front of my door or windows. It is the clutter on the floor I step on or trip over.
  4. Clutter upsets your kids, I know for one of my children this is very true with certain objects. There are some things, like bookshelves that my son just cannot stand to see unorganized.
  5. Clutter makes you miss work. That has been happening to me. The clutter of my life has made me not want to write lately.

Five out of twelve negative side effects may not seem bad to some but for me, it does not feel good to have these side effects of clutter in my life. Those are side effects I would rather live without. I am sure you wouldn’t want the clutter in your home to add to your stress either, we have enough stress with fibro. Stress has also been linked to causing a fibro flare for us. So anything to do with stress we must stay away from.

I am grateful I took the time to declutter my closet/office. After feeling these positive feelings about my decluttered space I am getting ideas on what else I can declutter throughout my home. My next project is going to be my laundry room because I know I have not been happy to be in that room for a couple of weeks now.

Every little thing we do can affect us and our fibro. Keep moving towards your inner happy place.

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