Medication before paperwork

For anyone who has seen my social media posts last week, you have heard about the issue I am writing about.

My recent experience

Last week I went to the Doctor’s office to have some paperwork filled out. This Doctor was completely new to me so her need to look at my medical records before she filled out the paperwork made sense. However, Doctors continuingly to ask me am I sure I don’t want them to prescribe me pain killers or muscle relaxers. So, it is ok for them to take my word when I say I have Fibromyalgia so I can receive painkillers but they won’t fill out paperwork without seeing my medical records. That seems a little backward to me.

I even brought in the packet that was filled out by a previous doctor so this new Doctor would be able to see how to fill everything out. The previous Doctor was a military Doctor and this new Doctor is a civilian Doctor so the military office wanted to make sure she would know how to fill it out the way they wanted it. Even though the previously filled out packet listed all the diagnosis I was telling her, she still questioned the fact that I even have Fibromyalgia.

Past experience

As many other Fibromyalgia patients, I have seen many, many doctors over the years. I have met the ones who believe and the ones who do not believe in Fibromyalgia is a real diagnosis. The continuation of being questioned and sent to various specialists for many different reasons, none of the Doctors have proven that I do not have Fibro.

So my frustration here is based on the fact that Doctors will prescribe me medications for my pain but some of them will not believe me nor my medical records when we are both telling them the same things. I have Fibromyalgia! Who would want this illness? And when we are having a problem with addiction to prescription pills in society, I really want to know, why would a Doctor take my word that I have Fibro and write me a prescription?

Why are my choices not good enough?

Also, when I tell them I use natural remedies why do Doctors still try to push prescriptions? Why is it that my natural remedies are not enough for them to believe I have found something that works for me? To also add, with the addiction to prescriptions, why wouldn’t a Doctor be happy that this one patient is not one for them to worry about abusing prescription drugs?

I want to start questioning Doctors even more. I wish they would join a Facebook Fibromyalgia Support Group I am a member of. If they just joined to be a fly on the wall, they would see how many of us have shown an improvement in our lives by living naturally and eliminating certain foods from our diets. There are still members of this group who like to use the prescriptions to help them feel better at times. Either way you choose to take care of yourself is just fine. It is nice to see people support one another in each one of our individual choices of personal care.

In the end, all of us just want to be able to live life, away from our chairs or beds. My body likes the way I have chosen to take care of it. If my body did not like the way I take care of it then my body would tell me with continuous pain as well as the other endless amounts of side effects Fibromyalgia causes.

As long as we all feel better and are able to live then why do Doctors try to make us feel less than if we do not use prescriptions to help us live life? In all this time as a Fibromyalgia patient, I have met very few doctors who do not try to make me feel wrong about my choice of personal care. I wish all the doctors would listen to us more and actually hear what we are saying.

Why the frustration

And if it is that easy for me to walk in and say I have all these medical conditions and the doctors are more willing to give me a prescription than to fill out paperwork, what is this world coming to? Because the doctor is right I could be anyone just saying I have this painful medical condition and most doctors I have met would gladly give me pills before they read my medical history. This makes me sad on many accounts. My eldest son will have to go to doctors offices without me one day and although he does not have Fibromyalgia, he does have ADHD which many doctors have given him medications, I did not truly understand at the time he was given them. Now I know not to trust everything a doctor says.

I know there are many good doctors out there, I however just have not had the privilege of being their patient. I am not trying to bash doctors as a whole, I am questioning the majority of the doctors I have been a patient of. My own family history has drug and alcohol addiction in it, which is information I put on the paperwork I fill out at the beginning of my appointment with each doctor. If doctors are reading this paperwork, wouldn’t they want to warn me of the possibilities of me becoming addicted to these medications? Not one doctor ever has. Which is why I started taking them at the beginning of my life with Fibromyalgia. I trusted doctors, why wouldn’t I? I was never told anything negative about doctors nor did I see that many doctors before Fibromyalgia became part of my life, so I had no idea that I should question anything they were telling me.

At this time I am thinking, doctors need to be more vigilant. I wait in the patient rooms for quite a while, why hasn’t the doctor at least skimmed over the paperwork I filled out? Prescribing me medications with a family history of addiction could be very horrific for me and my husband and children. We are all trusting doctors to take care of us when we see them. But are they really taking care of each individual patient or just focusing on the mass majority?

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