An additional side effect for those of us with Fibromyalgia

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I have found a new side effect

Since April this year, I have noticed a new problem in my life. There has never been a time when I would do this to the point I am at now. A little view into my life, I have three children, one special needs and another being seen for behavioral problems so home life can be stressful. Other than that and my medical problems life is great, yet I still feel unhappy about something. 

The new negative addition to my life I am talking about is emotional eating. We have all eaten for comfort, (I have never met anyone who hasn’t eaten comfort food) this new way I have noticed myself eating is awful. I do not just have a special treat during PMS or some other emotional day. With Fibromyalgia, you know we have a lot more emotional days than ever before. I am eating for no reason at all and when I do eat I have to eat past the point of being full. This is something completely new to me. 

For anyone to constantly eat until they are full, plus more is unhealthy. I have always paid attention to not overeating. Once I start feeling full I stop because I know my stomach will be even fuller in a little bit, so why push it? I wish I knew why I am doing this to myself. I need to end it but I feel as if I do not know how since I have no idea how or why it started. 

I am still Vegan, so I do not eat any unnatural foods. I can overeat on a yummy salad just as much as I can on anything else I make. I eat this way with everything eat, except for when I eat breakfast. I just realized breakfast is either very light or I stick with the proper portions. I wonder if it is just later in the day the stress for one reason or another has become too much for me.

Some possibilities as to why

The weather is getting warmer outside, I am in the NW of Washington State so the heat is a lot for me to deal with unlike other parts of the world. I say that because when I have lived in areas where it is warmer year round, the summer wasn’t so much for me to deal with as it is here. This is the only time of year it is warm here. I have had more consistent fibro flares this season than I have had in many years. 

Lately, there was a disconnect in my marriage but we have fixed that. This problem may take some talking to someone about, in order to fix it. Or maybe as easily as it came into my life it will leave. If you have had this problem and fixed it, I would love to know how. Please leave a comment below the post. I would appreciate your insight very much. I am sure there are others of us who would be as excited as I am to fix this problem. 

Helpful Resources

There are many resources for us to turn to but hearing from someone who has been through it would be amazing. Some of the resources are classes, many classes can be offered at a local college. As well as many online classes. There are even seminars if you enjoy those types of events. 

Another way to find out some possibilities on why we participate in emotional eating is books. Self-discovery is a great way many of us choose to try and fix things about ourselves. There is also the option of joining a support or therapy group. Others may think their time would be better spent going to therapy for this problem. 

I have not yet chosen how to tackle my emotional eating problem. Personally, I will probably lean towards talking it out. Having another person help you find out what triggered the negative behavior gives me a better chance of getting it right sooner rather than later. Besides when a book describes certain reasons why you may be doing something some of us do not realize we have the problems the book is talking about and in turn will not be able to fix our problem. 

Some of the books on Amazon would be a great choice to start. 

It is always very nice when you get to find what you are looking for quickly and for less. 

Here is a list of some helpful websites you can read right now.

  1. Dr. Axe tells you the difference between mindful eating and emotional eating.
  2. Psychology of eating has 50 helpful websites for you to discover.
  3. has 10 ways to break up with emotional eating.

Let me know if you find anything helpful. I need all the help I can get!






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  1. I have been working on emotional eating through the Buddhist practice of “Mindful Eating” & also on core issues in therapy.

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