Today: Nausea


One of the great side-effects of Fibromyalgia, nausea. Nausea is quite debilitating. What you really want to do is fall right down and stay there. You cannot stand at all or if feels like you will be sick at any moment. So no dinner, no cleaning, barely showered and dressed. I did risk shaving my legs today. They were becoming a little to much to handle. Luckily I did not lose my balance nor hurt myself in any way.


On these days my husband has to do the dinner and the dishes. Luckily I do not have a husband who ever complains. Early on in my diagnosis my husband did his own research on Fibromyalgia. He wanted to know what to expect and what I was going through. I know there are many people out there with spouses who did not stay with them or argues with them about what they should be able to do. When I read or hear about those of us with Fibromyalgia not having a supportive spouse it saddens me. I wish I could be there for them. I wish all the spouses would just take the time to educate themselves. We already feel alone in this.


I have yet to find what my body needs when the nausea hits me. Nothing but laying down or putting heat on my stomach seems to help. This feeling also makes me very tired. My body is being told I need to feel as if I am sick today. Anyone can tell you that being sick is no fun at all. But how about feeling sick when you are not sick. Isn’t Fibro fun? But I am excited to say I have fibro flares about once a month now. Compare that to having a flare everyday and I have found a great treasure. Tea can help when I feel nauseous and mint tea is the best.

How I lived today

Other than the basics necessities of the day, I played with my daughter while I sat on the couch. We colored in her coloring books and drew on each other. She let me play with her hair. As a mom I love doing that, she very seldom lets me play with her hair. She also took advantage of me at one point and took all the game pieces out of one of her game boxes. But hey at least she didn’t put the mustard into our milk again like she did yesterday.


When my kids do not get their mother they really let me know about it. Having a medical diagnosis that is invisible is hard for adults to understand. Could you imagine being a kid and hearing your mom tell you, no fun today for a reason you cannot see.

When my other kids are home while I have a flare

I used to tell me kids that I was sick, I related it to them getting a cold. I thought a cold they could understand but then how do they understand the pain? One of my children, my middle child, who will do anything to make me feel better. It is the sweetest experience but then he hurts me and all of a sudden the enjoyment is gone. That is when I suggest he should come and cuddle with me.


I also have a twelve-year-old who I can ask to do things that seem impossible for me during a flare. His help is great for me on those days as well. The way he sweetly says, “Yes Mom?” is a very heart warming experience for me. Life can be rough sometimes but as long as we look for the sunshine everything will end up great for us.

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