Moving to a new house and having Fibro

Moving  to a new house with Fibro

Participating in our move to a new house while suffering with Fibro has not been a dream at all. While moving I had a pinched nerve for the first week from packing and moving boxes. Ointments, massage nor a hot Epsom salt bath helped me. The whole time we were moving boxes into and out of the truck I could feel nerves all over my body. The first one made my lower back unbendable.

After that the nerve decided to call all its relatives that lived through my left thigh. After all the pain and immobility I was still quite proud of myself. I could do that much physical activity. Just very carefully so I would not continue to injure myself further. I ended up having immobility for three weeks. I thought I was going to need a masseuse. But here I am able to sit up straight and type on the computer. So things are looking up.

Our new house has made almost all of us happier. Our middle child is unhappy about the change in his school. Other than that he is happy though.

I was out of action with my blogging for a couple of weeks due to this move but I am very proud of myself for everything I did. I accomplished a lot for someone with fibromyalgia. There is no way I could move all of our belongings every day.

This move also showed me that some days I do not feel like I can stand, sit or move in anyway but I really can. Very slowly or very painfully but I can move and for that I am thankful. On some very horrible days I need my husband to wash my hair. In the end it all balances out.

For weeks after this move I had the constant additional nerve pain from the pinched nerve. I still had to keep on going, being up on my feet all day everyday. Either a family member needed me or the house needed something. I tell you my husband and I are used to relaxing after dinner but there has been none of that lately.

And then there was family

Have you ever felt as if there was no catching up on your to do list? For some reason with this move we have not been able to catch up. Whether it is something for our new home or the past home there is always something. Then you add in everything every family member needs as well and the list just never becomes any shorter.

My kids decided to grow during our move, all three of them at the same time. Don’t you just love it when they work as a team! One of our sons bedding decided to fall apart. He had already moved onto another interest anyway so it wasn’t such a big issue for him. But for me it was another addition to my ever growing list.

In this house I have also taken the time to make the kids bedrooms more of a private sanctuary for them. I hope they enjoy it and if not maybe one they will look back and be able to say mom always knew what I was into while I was growing up.

And now back to the move…

I felt very proud of myself when I moved every single box from my house with my husband. I was actually an active member of my family. More like the wife my husband used to know. He complemented me many times, he was proud of all the work I was able to do. My husband would talk to me about how I would not have been able to do this much work just a year ago. And he was right, I lived a different lifestyle a year ago.

The lifestyle I lived a year ago was much more confined into my chair and bed. I was doing everything I could while I was catering to my pain but I wasn’t living. Something I am very glad of is, I changed my lifestyle. I am forever thankful that I am the type of person who can and will change things to better myself.

If you ever do find yourself moving from one home to another make sure to get a great back brace.

This is what I still have left to go through, sometimes it’s hard being the mom and wife. 

Now, I need to take a deep breath and unpack all of this. WHY!!!




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