When you have multiple diagnosis


Multiple diagnosis = Multiple side effects

Having multiple diagnosis you never know exactly what is causing you to have a side effect.

I have been diagnosed with, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Sleep Deprivation, Vitamin D deficiency, Anemia, hyper-joint mobility, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Disease and I know I am forgetting one other diagnosis.

But that is my brain lately. I am unable to remember some faces, no matter how long I have known them. Asking people “Who are you?” every time you see them can get embarrassing. I just tell them, I’m sorry ever since my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia I have a problem remembering faces.

My current problem

I am having a lot more forgetfulness lately. I cannot remember where I park a car. Unless I park in the same row every time I go anywhere. Which is not always a possibility.

This morning I used the more expensive gas to fill up my car. I have no idea what I was thinking. I do not remember really reading the option buttons. I just pushed one and filled it up. Thank goodness I didn’t use diesel gas by mistake.

Anyone I am talking to, I might as well just say “Hey you.”. I will run through a whole list of names verbally. Even though I am thinking about that persons name I will say someone else’s name.

Which medical problem is that?

Since I have several medical problems that can cause confusion or also known as brain fog. I have no idea which medical problem may need to be tweaked so I can think again. Sometimes I wonder how in the world I write this blog. But I do and some people like it enough to subscribe to it.

I am excited that I am starting to get subscribers. It does make you wonder though, if I can write this well with a fogged brain, how well could I write with a fully functioning non-fogged brain?

Sometimes I get so fogged out that I feel like my brain is a science experiment. As if a scientist has messed with it to much and now they need to allow it to heal.

I just zone out on who knows what. You are supposed to be there for your family but your brain says “out of order”.

Which diagnosis is that?

My diagnosis that can cause this issue of brain fog are:

Fibromyalgia, of course that is a big one. And for this diagnosis there is very little we can do. Relax, distress, rest, sit in silence

Anemia, iron and rest.

Hypothyroidism, take the medication prescribed but I do not. Remember I am not a healthcare professional so I am NOT telling you to stop taking medication. When I was on the medication for hypothyroidism my hair was falling out, I had brain fog more consistently, I was taking four hour naps everyday, sex life was horrible, dry skin. I got off the medication and that all changed.

Hashimoto’s disease is the auto immune disease for Hypothyroidism so I do the same things for these two diagnosis.

Vitamin D deficiency, relax in the sun for a couple minutes everyday and a nutritious diet.

Chronic Sleep Deprivation, sleep is how I take care of that one.

This one or that one?

However, if you have no idea which medical problem is causing the side effect it can feel impossible to take care of yourself. When you are suffering from brain fog you are also unable to remember everything that might help. Even if you write it all down in your medical journal you may completely forget about that helpful journal.

And when you add kids or visiting extended family into the mix your brain has an even harder time at functioning.

I wish I could function better but until that day comes I will be thankful for living today. Make sure to journal your horrible and fantastic days alike. I love this journal because it has a nice bright color and the engraving of the flower. The amazing title of the journal was the first thing that caught my eye,   “All Things Are Possible” journal. We need to remember that, all things are possible even when we feel like this pain or exhaustion will never end.

Make sure to add the things that help you so maybe this magical journal can help you on your bad days.

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