Why I stopped taking prescriptions


Why did I get rid of the prescriptions?

I decided to stop using the muscle relaxers, pain killers and sleep medications when I figured out what was in them. The painkiller I took was Vicodin. I did not know it was a narcotic when I started taking it. When a doctor gives you something you think it is going to be good for you. Never did I think to question the doctor. So after about a year of taking this drug I started hearing things about it and thought, that does not sound like something I want. So I looked up what it contained.

Once I found out what was in the medication I was not happy. At the time I was raising three children ages, one-year-old, three-years-old and an eight-year-old. Plus my eldest has special needs, my hands were very full. Help was needed, not something that could make me worse. I had told my doctor I was feeling drugged. When I felt drugged I was unable to be the mother my kids needed. I already did not take it on days I had to drive anywhere. So stopping the medication seemed like the best thing to do for me and my family.

Keeping records

Before I talked to my husband about my thoughts I kept a journal on how often and why I was taking the medication. I also recorded the days I was in a lot of pain but did not take the medication because I had to drive. I was noticing when I took a week off from the medication I was able to have more days with less Fibromyalgia side effects.

Once I saw the pattern of less Fibromyalgia side effects when I did not take the medication, I decided to talk to my husband. I talked to him one night about why I thought the pain killers were not in my best interest to take. Also I told him about my journal and the findings. And I told him I would need his help with the house and the kids while I found a natural way to deal with my pain.

Another worry

As I was reading more into the details of what long term use of these drugs could do to me I became worried about something else. I was worried about organ transplants and being there to see my babies grow up. When I was first given these medications I was just 30-years-old. The women in my family, on both sides live well into their 90’s. I had to many years to possibly plan for and I wanted to be in the best health I could be. I shared this worry with my husband as well. He understood my concern and supported my decision to also stop taking the medication for muscle relaxation.

The after effect

When you change you see the lightWhile going through the detox from no longer taking the medication for pain and muscle relaxation I did go through more pain. I went through extra pain for six weeks. After that very painful period of time I was starting to have a little less Fibro Fog.

I started exercising at night a few times a week as well. I started exercising at night because that was the only time I had available to do something for myself. Before I developed Fibromyalgia I loved exercise. So it was nice to start doing something I enjoyed so much. Through my exercise journal I realized the exercise also helped my Fibro pains as well as my ability to sleep better. I tried the harder workouts because in America you either go big or go home, right? But with Fibro that was soon to be seen as not a proper option.

My favorite exercise on a Fibro day

My best friend in my home gym is my treadmill. I love my treadmill very much and have no idea how I would get through Fibromyalgia without it. I get to get a workout in whenever my schedule allows. And as anyone with Fibro knows, a nice easy workout is best, especially when we are already in pain. So what in the world is easier than walking. Even on a bad day I can go out for a gentle walk. The first five minutes may include the worst pain I think I have ever felt but I swear just wait for that sixth minute. On the sixth minute I start to feel every pain slowly go away and your mood swing leaves, plus what Fibro Fog. If I am at my worst nothing beats an easy walk.

I know most of us think easy or gentle and we turn to Yoga. I know I did and so far this is my favorite Yoga video. The first video is my favorite one and it has a great combination of relaxation, gentle stretching and movement. My Fibro does not like it when I hold a yoga pose to long. My body decides to develop muscle cramps everywhere.

What exercise routine makes you happy?

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