In Rememberance of a Fibromyalgia Sufferer


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Remembering my Grandmother

Today I remember my Grandmother. As a small child I spent a lot of special time with my Grandmother. She would take me out shopping and from I have been told she spoiled me every chance she got. As I became older the shopping trips became a girls day out type of experience. My Grandmother was also the one who took me away from any painful time in my life as a child. She helped me by letting me live with her and my Grandfather two different times in my life. Once as a little girl and once as a teenager. I would love to send her a Thank You Card just for that alone.

Other Great Things

Other memories I have of my Grandmother is of her painting and sewing. I remember her drawing my first design I ever took a needle and thread to. It was a flower with my name written in cursive on the bottom right-hand corner of the flower. I loved watching her write too, she had such wonderful handwriting.

When I took care of her

When I was 10 years-old my Grandmother had a medical condition that put her in need of watching, just to make sure she didn’t need an ambulance. Thankfully she never did but for those 15 days I had some wonderful alone time with her. We watched many movies she loved, most of them starred the wonderful Better Midler. She would read one of her beloved books while I played with her dogs.

Later Years

Just two short years later my Grandmother was spending most of her days in her chair. Because most of her time was spent in pain and with her sitting in her chair I tried finding new things to bond us. We both loved to read to books became one of our new connections. I would love to send her a new book from an author we both enjoy.

My first experience with Fibromyalgia

When I experienced my very first episode of the painful side effects of Fibromyalgia, the first person I thought to contact was my Grandmother. She had several medical problems that caused pain so I thought she would be a good person to ask. Unfortunately since she did suffer from so many painful medical problems she was unable to help me very much. I know most of you would have called a doctor but before this all started I had never had much use for Doctors. I was a young mother with a deployed husband and I was scared something horrible was happening. The pain is scary the first time it hits you. Unlike childbirth you have no idea when it will end and you will not receive the most amazing gift when it is all over with.

I took to my chair just like my Grandmother did for about three years.  But I was 28 years-old when I first started going through all of the lovely side effects Fibromyalgia gives you. I was way to young and I had young children to take care of. I chose a different path to treat my Fibromyalgia because I have a long life to live still and I am sure everyone who loves me would like to see me actually live and enjoy it.

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